Get the Facts – No on Prop 29 | No on Prop 29 – Californians Against Out-of-Control Taxes and Spending No on Proposition 29

Stop the $855 Million Tax Hike!
A career politician is pushing a new $855 million tax initiative. Proposition 29, the so-called California Cancer Research Act, is a flawed and poorly drafted measure that would create a huge new taxpayer-funded state bureaucracy with six political appointees. The measure has qualified for the ballot and will be voted on at the June 2012 election.
We all believe cancer research is important, but California can’t afford to start a new billion-dollar spending program when we have a $10+ billion budget deficit and can’t pay for critically-needed existing programs like education and health care.
Here’s why a growing coalition of California taxpayers, law enforcement, labor and small businesses have come together to oppose this poorly drafted, flawed measure:
Nearly $1 Billion in New Taxes, but Nothing to Fix the State Budget: Raises taxes by nearly $1 billion without allocating any money to pay down our $10+ billion budget deficit or to fund existing critical programs like education or public safety. We should fix our budget deficit and fund existing programs before starting a new costly spending program.
Allows California’s Tax Dollars to be Spent in Other States and Countries: Does not require any of the new tax revenue to be spent on research in California, or even the United States. Tax money raised FROM Californians should be spent IN California.
Circumvents Voter-Approved Protections for School Funding: Voters approved a constitutional amendment requiring 40% of new tax revenue go to schools, but the career politician behind this measure is using a loophole to get around this requirement. We shouldn’t let politicians get around voter-approved measures just because they want more dollars for a pet project.
More Wasteful Spending: Allows a new, unaccountable board to spend up to $117 million every year buying buildings and real estate for huge for-profit companies. Nothing requires those buildings to be built in California – they could be out of the state or even out of the country. Our scarce tax dollars shouldn’t be going outside California or to helping wealthy multi-national companies.
Now is not the time for a huge new spending program. Join our coalition today.
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