Enough is Enough | No on Prop 29 – Californians Against Out-of-Control Taxes and Spending

If you use cigarettes, cigars or smokeless tobacco…
Prop. 29 is TARGETING YOU for a $735 million tax.
Prop. 29 adds another dollar per pack tax on cigarettes and nearly doubles the tax on cigars and smokeless to create another bureaucracy.
Enough is Enough!
More Bureaucracy, More Waste, No Accountability
Prop. 29 raises tobacco taxes to create a new bureaucracy run by political appointees. Cancer research is important, but Prop 29 duplicates existing federal research programs with no real accountability or taxpayer oversight.
Allows California Tax Dollars to be Spent in Other States and Countries
Prop. 29 allows our tax dollars to be spent creating jobs in other states and countries when we already have world-class research facilities here in California.
Flaws Hidden in Fine Print, Locked in Place for 15 Years
Prop. 29 is being pushed by a career politician, and its flaws are hidden in thirteen pages of fine print. It even contains a provision that prohibits the Governor, the Legislature or the State Auditor from changing the initiative to fix problems like waste and abuse for 15 years.
Don’t take our word for it. Check out the facts yourself to see why a broad coalition of more than 3,000 taxpayers, law enforcement groups, small businesses, doctors and educators oppose Prop. 29.